Do you ask your customers for feedback on your product or service? Some companies shy away from asking their customers just how well they are doing. Although there are instances when the customers volunteer their feedback on your service and your staffs performance, but it certainly pays to put in conscious effort to develop a proper system to gather such feedback.

Assuming you are doing well just because your customer does not make any comment about your service maybe a false impression of good service delivered.

Mass Power Services, a recruitment consultancy, celebrates their 6th anniversary this year with an open embrace on customer feedback. Besides gathering external feedback, the staff have also recently completed a 360-degree feedback exercise involving superiors, peers and subordinates. The key objective is to improve through candid sharing of feedback among different levels of staff.

“We believe we need to know how well we are doing, and we are determined to enhance our service delivery. The 360-degree feedback exercise demonstrated to our staff that the management is willing to accept honest and open comments. We want our management to lead by example and create a culture of improvement through sharing of feedback, both internally and externally. We hope our customers will support us in our service delivery feedback exercise, be open and let us know what we are doing well at, which areas need improvement, and even generate new ideas for our business expansion”, said Mr Raymond Chan, HR & Organisation Advisor of Mass Power Services.

As part of their anniversary celebration, the staff at Mass power Services will hand-deliver a gift package valued at $65.00 to their customers as a token of their appreciation. Every year, the company takes effort to include their clients in their anniversary celebration, and this year is no different. In previous years, customers are invited to talks by human resource consultants and speakers.

Mr Chan said: “This year, Mass Power Services has partnered a Korean cosmetics company – PR International Cosmetics – to bring forth ideas to promote the overall well-being of our customers and to thank them for their support”.

Mass Power Services is the main partner sponsor of the Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) HR Congress and HR Awards for the past 3 years. The Company also supports the grooming of future HR leaders through their partner sponsorship of SHRI’s HR Challenge.

Listening to customers provides an opportunity to grow your business. Most customers view this positively and appreciate your candid openness to improve your service delivery. Asking for feedback and receiving it in a positive manner is an agent for improvement. It is an effective manner to retain your customers, gain their loyalty and improve your bottom line